For the past 6 years, my website has been running on WordPress, with Drizzle as the backend database. As far as I know, I’m the only person who was insane enough to attempt this. It required patching DrizzleWordPress to support valid dates (MySQL allows 0000-00-00 in some cases, wordpress uses this heavily), and that patching has just gotten too difficult to keep up with.1

This also included running on a t1.micro at Amazon. This helped me learn how AWS works, and that was useful, but at this point, I think the $17/month or so that I’m paying for it isn’t really worth it, and I don’t login enough to learn much anymore.

So I’ve decided to make the jump to GitHub pages. I like the idea of having a nice static page for my blog. Comments can happen on social media.

Thanks GitHub for giving us coders a place to drop a static web page.

And, so long Drizzle, and thanks for all the fish.

Edit 1, October 10, 09:27 PDT: I also wrote a wordpress drizzle plugin to handle the more straight forward elements of Drizzle’s more strict SQL dialect, but that never gave me any trouble once written. The issue with 0000-00-00 is that it is used all over WordPress as a string literal and there’s no single place to change that.