Zuul - Crossing your CI Streams

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Words are my own I do not speak for GoDaddy or any project/foundation
What's CI?

"Continuous Integration"

  • Master* gets code ASAP
  • Tests run to make sure Master/tip/HEAD/trunk isn't broken
* git is assumed -- sorry hg/svn/etc.

What are tests?

  • Unit -- self contained -- "do my insides still work?"
  • Functional -- mostly self contained -- "do my interfaces still work?"
  • Integration -- externalized -- "do I still work the way you think I do?"

When do you run them?

  • Locally on my dev workstation/laptop in a tight loop
  • Periodically from master/tip/HEAD/trunk
  • On master/tip/HEAD/trunk + change in review aka "PR"

Do you like it when they fail?

  • When you expect it -- yes!
  • When you pull master and change nothing, not so much.

Who broke the build?

  • Oh wait no, it was my change sorry
  • No wait it was THEM

Nobody's fault

  • Reality changed between your PR and Merging it
  • Nobody re-tests everything because zomg who has time?

Gating Saves us

  • Test again before merge!
  • Never merge broken tree
  • Ergo, devs keep working and don't hate "THEM"

And that was just functional tests...

  • You probably have a ton of dependencies
  • They're all going through the same thing!!
Zuul - The Gatekeeper
Zuul Cross-repo project gating at a massive scale

Wait, first, a story...

OpenStack Needed testing

  • Large distributed system made of smaller pieces
  • Functional testing is not enough -- each service is interdependent on others
  • Zomg 900+ developers 40+ orgs all collaborating!

Zuul was developed at this scale

  • 1500+ active test nodes at once
  • Jenkins was sad -- so we removed it
  • Ansible offers a perfect distributed workflow system for running multi-node tests

Features that you can use

  • Gerrit and Github Code Review triggering/commenting/voting
  • Git based configuration
  • Speculative merging for high-velocity gating
  • Custom image building/reuse (via Nodepool)
  • Multi-Region/Multi-Cloud (via Nodepool)
  • Easy multi-node testing
  • Massively Scalable
  • Cross-repo and Cross-source speculative merge gating

Gerrit and Github

  • Gerrit -- Apache licensed code review tool used for big projects like OpenStack and Android
  • Github -- Proprietary website and on-premises "Enterprise" code-review/hosting system
  • Install OpenStack Zuul app on your github repo

Ansible Collaborating with OpenStack via Zuul

PR's to Ansible's OpenStack modules are tested via Zuul https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/37170

YAML config in-repo or centralized defines config

- project:
    name: ansible/ansible
        - shade-ansible-devel-functional-devstack:
              - ^lib/ansible/modules/cloud/openstack/.*
              - ^contrib/inventory/openstack.py
              - ^lib/ansible/plugins/inventory/openstack.py
              - ^lib/ansible/module_utils/openstack.py
              - ^lib/ansible/utils/module_docs_fragments/openstack.py

Speculative merging for high velocity merging

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Custom Image Building/Multi-Cloud

  • Pre-cache all those downloads
  • Nodepool manages image uploads and refreshes periodically
  • Uses diskimage-builder -- whole other talk
  • Multi-Cloud -- as long as they're all OpenStack clouds (over 20 public OpenStacks globally)
  • AWS, Kubernetes, and other resource drivers are available but un-merged

Easy Multi-Node testing

- job:
    parent: base
    name: test-kolla-ansible
    run: kolla_ansible/main.yml
            - name: meta-api
              label: kolla-centos7
            - name: cell-api
              label: kolla-centos7
            - name: db
              label: kolla-centos7
            - name: mq
              label: kolla-centos7
            - name: hypervisor
              label: kolla-centos7

Easy Multi-Node testing

- name: "Setup docker on servers that will need it."
  hosts: cap,map,hv
    - docker

- name: "Setup database on db server."
  hosts: db
    - db

- name: "Setup rabbit on mq server."
  hosts: mq
    - mq

Massively Scalable

Cross-Repo Dependency Controls

  • Make one change depend on another
  • Build speculative cross-repo change-set and test it without merging it
  • Allows devs to "fire and forget" on a PR, it won't merge until it will actually work!
  • Struggles with circular deps, you must unroll to use the feature
How can I try it?
  • Wait for v3.0 release VERY soon -- next week? Maybe
  • ... or you can use it from master like we do at GoDaddy (and other users). Caveat Emptor
  • git clone https://git.openstack.org/openstack-infra/zuul/
  • #zuul on Freenode IRC
  • https://zuul-ci.org/ -- Mailing lists here!

Clint Byrum -- @SpamapS on Freenode IRC and Twitter. http://fewbar.com/