• @e_monty look under your 20A steeple chase in reply to e_monty #
  • #UDS bound, leg 1 LAX - FRA, hopefully 50 min is enough to connect in Frankfurt #delayed #
  • Hope is not a strategy, and *40* minutes is not enough time to go from B to A26 in Frankfurt. @pleia2 keeping company, be at #UDS by 8pm! in reply to pleia2 #
  • Why must I always wake up at 03:30 on the first day of #UDS .. The sun came up early here in Budapest #
  • Note to #UDS presenters running OSX .. maybe you want to try out *Ubuntu* while you're surrounded by the bulk of the Ubuntu Developers... #
  • Damn, slept right through the alarm and missed the morning #UDS Yoga session. #

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