Last week, my application to join the ranks of Core Ubuntu Developers was accepted by the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board. The process is a bit humbling, as when you dig through the roster of this team, there aren't a lot of names, and most of them are quite familiar to anyone who has done Ubuntu Development, as they fly by in bug reports and changelogs at an almost superhuman pace, fixing, improving, and generally making Ubuntu more awesome-r.

So, a few hours ago, I made my first direct upload into Ubuntu without a sponsor. Its just a little upgrade to squid's upstart job to make it start more reliably. I hope its the beginning of a string of uploads that will continue for a long time, and help me earn the badge that I've been granted.

Many thanks to all of my sponsors up to this point, and a special nod to those who were able to add a positive comment to my developer application.