• Wow #Ubuntu 11.04's #unity just took the warp pipe to awesome. alt-f2 is back, multi-location clock, and it works great on multiple monitors #
  • ♺ @undacuvabrutha: RT @jamesodhunt: The "Upstart Cookbook" is beginning to simmer: http://is.gd/ZbgOQ0 #
  • http://bit.ly/fpcbkM - @DevopsDays 2011 Mountain View is looking for a venue. Last year was great, be bold and host DevopsDays! #
  • 2 #amtrak tickets, $35. #itunes movie for Jack, $6. tethering off iphone for me, 1 arm+1 leg. 2 hours of *NOT* driving, priceless. #
  • Dear #starbucks "room for cream" does not mean give me some extra so I can drop it in the trash "for my homies" #

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