• http://bit.ly/gsMc4S - #UbuntuServer needs you-Help verify this bug fix on 10.04: #525154 nfs-utils:“mountall for /var races with rpc.statd” #
  • Cool #ubuntuserver hack - http://bit.ly/giXgrn Using #upstart in a chroot — a.k.a. the evil inside the init process in Lucid « GYP@BalaBit #
  • After going on about how we are info overloaded for years.. I cant find anything good to read at the moment #
  • ♺ @IPv4Countdown: Approximately 8 days until IPcalypse. 36,445,274 allocatable IPv4s left. #IPv6 #
  • ♺ @temojin: Congrats to our friends @coloft for launching NoodleYard.com an awesome tech job board! Thanks for support the LA tech meetups! #
  • I'm going to a Meetup with The Los Angeles PHP Developers Group (LAPHP)! http://meetu.ps/bCQh #

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