Seth Godin's recent post about responding to discussions about things you don't understand has got me thinking about hiring people.

When involved with a staffing decision, I look for one trait in particular above all others. If you don't know how to say "I don't know", and ask for an explanation or help, then you're not really smart. You don't have a good process for learning. You may have a mountain of knowledge in your head, but it is surrounded by a huge, impenetrable ego shield, and so, cannot ever be added to. Its like you took the sum of what you knew, and stuffed it into a snow globe. When people shake you up.. sure.. its pretty, but thats all there is to it.

I'd rather work with people who are open to having their entire belief system about certain subjects shattered by a better idea. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't stick to your guns and assert your own ideas and beliefs. It just means, when challenged, be like the Zen Buddhist Aikido master and flow with the force of the attack, and when possible, use it to your advantage.

(No google will not help you with the "trans-doran complex". I'm hoping that upon seeing it you were curious, and after googling for it and finding nothing of substance, considered asking what it is.. ;)