Seated in the terminal here at San Jose airport, I'm reflecting on a really great couple of days spent at the Santa Clara convention center. In addition to publishing the working DBD::drizzle driver, I met a lot of very cool people, and heard some really great talks.

Big thanks go to Patrick Galbraith, who not only handled the dirty work of publishing DBD::drizzle to CPAN, but also handled the dirty work of introducing me to the likes of Brian Aker (founder of the Drizzle project), David Axmark (co-founder of MySQL), and a bunch of other really smart people.

I was especially impressed with Percona's efficient handling of the conference. They had just two rooms (which was really just one big room) packed with people every day from morning to night, and kept the presentations moving along. They really deserve big kudos for making it free for people like me who aren't in a position to go to the MySQL conference for $1000+.

Some takeaways:

  • Gearman is the awesome.
  • Memcached has reached the ridiculous phase of "hot" technologies. I don't know that anybody gave a talk without mentioning it, except maybe the HyperTable guy.
  • Sharding is soooooooo 2008.