If your systems can’t scale, you are FUBAR. If your code is just for testing, its FOO=BAR. And if you wait until 2008 to finally register a domain name for blogging about technology, you’re FEWBAR.com

One can expect to see articles primarily focused on what I (Clint Byrum) do for a living. That is, making technology run reliably and scale cost effectively. These days readers can expect a focus on infrastructure as a service, especially OpenStack.

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  1. Hello Clint,

    Can you give any kind of update about MaVerick? You are listed as one of the primary developers, but the site on Sourceforge has not had any activity in many years. Sure would be nice if there was a GOOD open-source MV dbms out there, and this one looked like it was headed in the right direction.


  2. Holy cow Jerel, what a blast from the past! No, I have not even thought about MaVerick in years. My contribution was the first busted BASIC parser, which Robert subsequently rewrote into something useful.

    I assume that MV dbs have fallen out of style and all the commercial companies shrunk to tiny size or fell into niche markets, so there just isn’t enough interest. Also, the paradigm of language and db being tightly integrated is really, really awful.. so I can’t say I’m sad to see that part go.

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