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HTTP JSON AlsoSQL interface to Drizzle | Ramblings. – This is what I’m talking about when I say Drizzle will be for HTTP what Apache was for MySQL. Its hyper flexible and quite performant. Stewart is a quite gifted programmer, but look how easy it was to integrate a JSON library and libevent into the server on a whim.

As a sysadmin with LAMP shops, I always had to stop innovating around the MySQL part of it. Linux I could hack on, apache I could hack on, and PHP/Perl/Python were built to be hacked on. But MySQL was always difficult beyond a few clever UDF’s.

I’m waiting for somewhere to adopt Drizzle and really start running wild with the plugins. Should be interesting!

3 thoughts on “HTTP JSON AlsoSQL interface to Drizzle | Stewart Smith

  1. pretty cool , i was thinking to add a json interface to firebird too , that is what i want to be standard to a db: open port and start sending queries and receive json output that can be used by java script overlords directly with no need to mess with php or apache configs

  2. I’d certainly have no objections to starting to have a standardized API for a bunch of this stuff… I don’t think one exists yet, and I kind of like the idea of at least for a while letting it evolve based on what people want too.

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