Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-16

  • Blu Homes Custom Prefab Eco-Friendly Homes — Attended their seminar in LA last night, I WANT ONE! #
  • @temojin: You mean TokyoCabinet/TokyoTyrant right? BDB is so 2006. #
  • Did I just feel a #quake here in #LosAngeles … tap tap tap.. come on usgs.. refresh please! #
  • @temojin: screen can be even better if you add 'byobu'. but, yeah, scrollback is t3h suck in screen … ctrl-A ESC … #
  • Aha, it wasn't a quake, but it was SOMETHING — The Source » Westside Subway Project soil and seismic testing to begin #
  • 30 petabytes in #HDFS <gasp> — #Facebook | Looking at the code behind our three uses of Apache #Hadoop (8) #
  • ♺ @caostheory: Puppet Labs has released MCollective version 1.0 following its acquisition of The Marionette Collective. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-09

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FAIL: the new learning.

Danger of Death by Failing

The worst way to go.

I started my breathing, er, reading time today by digesting this post by Matt Zimmerman which analogizes (quite effectively) reading and writing to breathing air. His comment on deep understanding through sharing struck a cord with me.

I believe this is a key component of human interaction and the way our brains work.

When inside our heads, we condense information into shorthand. An Ubuntu developer has a deep understanding of what “maintainer scripts” means, and so we just use that term in our head as an assumption. When we make these assumptions, we must consciously decide to challenge them, and often then we challenge them with other assumptions.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-02

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