Drizzle7 Beta Released! now with MySQL migration! « LinuxJedis /dev/null

Drizzle7 Beta Released! now with MySQL migration! « LinuxJedis /dev/null.

Drizzle is a project that is near and dear to my heart.

To sum it up, Drizzle took all that was really good in MySQL, cut out all that was mediocre, and replaced some of it with really good stuff. The end product is, I think, something that is leaner, should be more stable, and definitely more flexible.

So go check out the beta! I guess I should use Andrew’s migration tool and see if I can migrate this blog to drizzle. :)

3 thoughts on “Drizzle7 Beta Released! now with MySQL migration! « LinuxJedis /dev/null

  1. But is it Enterprise ready? Being able to replace both MySQL and PostgreSQL with a true fork will be nice.

    Oh…is Drizzle multi-core capable? Multi-thread replicatible? (if that’s really a word)

    Guess its time to go rtfm.

  2. Well Yzmir, I’d say no, its not Enterprise ready, because it is a beta version. ;)

    I do believe that it will do for SQL databases what apache did for web servers. Make them truly configurable and flexible. Of course, with performance in mind from the beginning, they should also retain or even exceed the performance of MySQL. I don’t think they’re looking to repalce postgres, as it has a ton of SQL oriented features that drizzle doesn’t (though they could be added back in as plugins).

    I know early on the Drizzle team was highly focused on scaling on lots of cores, so I’d be shocked if it didn’t scale like crazy on multiple cores.

    And yeah, go rtfm Yzmir, you are WAY over your 1 question quota.. unless you want to bring me an apple.. ;)

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